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Welcome to the Ian Holland Therapeutic Massage Website. Here you will find details of treatments and classes offered by Ian Holland.

Ian Holland Therapeutic Massage - Efflorage MassageMassage has been used in all cultures throughout history to both treat pain and illness and to aid relaxation. It has a two thousand year written history as a medical treatment for a wide range of ailments and disorders and until the 1950's most British hospitals had Massage departments.

Massage improves our circulation and speeds up the elimination of toxins from our bodies through the lymphatic system. It relieves fatigue, tones up muscles through getting them out of spasm, improves our breathing and generally relaxes the body. It is invaluable in the treatment of prolonged stress, mental and physical tension and all types of muscular aches and pains.

Treatment varies according to the individual, how long their particular condition has lasted and how quickly their system responds, but an average length of treatment is 6 sessions. The first session lasts one hour, but after that sessions are either full hours or half-hours depending on the treatment required.

When stressed our bodies operate from the sympathetic branch of the nervous system, the so-called 'flight or fight' system, where blood is pumped to our limbs ready for action and away from our digestive system. If the stress is prolonged the digestive tract becomes inhibited and the production of hydrochloric acid increases, hence ulcers. Massage reverses this process by restoring the blood flow to the digestive system.

Ian Holland Therapeutic Massage - Neck MassageSometimes clients feel light-headed after a session due to the release of stress products, such as lactic acid and urea, so it is advisable to take it easy after treatment and to drink water or juice to help flush the toxins out of the body. Other times people just feel great and very relaxed afterwards.

As well as being a very effective treatment Massage is also a superb preventative. Many people come regularly - weekly, fortnightly, monthly - to stop stress from building up, or come for one-off sessions purely for relaxation.

Therapeutic Massage can help:

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